Bring the power of

Gig-worker assisted Artificial Intelligence

to your business processes


We intelligently extract & transform data from documents like invoices, menus, health records etc. for clients across industries


We classify products, tag attributes, edit images and undertake other cataloguing activities for e-commerce & retail clients


We generate AI training data sets for clients in accelerated timelines using our smart data annotation approach

We address a variety of use cases

across functions – Accounting, HR, Pricing, Supply Chain, Procurement, Content Ops etc.

Intelligent Document Processing

Invoice Digitization, Restaurant Menu Digitization, Health Records Harmonization, Way Bill Processing, ID & Statutory document verification, Resume Tagging, Bank Statement Analysis, Financial Statement Extraction … etc.

Product Cataloguing & Content Management

Classification of products on a taxonomy, Product Attribute Tagging (Brand, HSN, Ingredients..), Image Editing, Master data clean-up (de-duplication), Image Moderation, Post Moderation … etc.

Data Annotations / Labelling

Image annotation (2D & 3D), Data Labelling, Voice Annotation, Video Annotations … etc.

…. and many more

Data Extraction, Transformation & Loading (ETL), Human-in-loop assistance for Chat Bots, Enterprise Workflows, Market Research, Language Translations, Content Generation, Medical Transcription … etc.

Our services has benefitted many clients

(client list is non-exhaustive)

All this magic happens on

our proprietary low code framework
  • Consume multiple input formats – pdf, images, office documents, voice, video etc.
  • Human in loop support through our gig-workers – review AI outputs, make incremental edits etc.
  • Integrate latest AI in workflows – chat GPT, AWS textract, Azure Cognitive services, Google AI etc.
  • Set up complex flows in days rather than weeks or months – modular micro services architecture
150,000 pages

processed every month

1.5 Mn products

catalogued every month

300+ gig workers

assisting as humans-in-loop